Monthly Catch-up: Book Swap

Come along to the very first meet-up of the Curtin Writers Club in 2017!

Date: 29th March

Time: Common free time (12:00-2:00 p.m.)

Location: Guild Clubs HQ

This is your chance to meet fellow club members and writers at Curtin. Come along, meet new friends, and talk about your favourite pieces of writing and authors.

This month we’ll be delivering what we promised you on O-Day and at the Clubs Carnival, a book swap. Bring along a book that you liked or loved (either secondhand or brand-new) and swap it with someone else. Not only will you get a brand new book to enjoy but you’ll get to share a book you love with someone else.

We will be meeting in Guild Clubs HQ, around the back of the TAV and the Main Cafe. It’s a members only event so make sure you have your membership stickers ready to show us when you arrive.

Ask for directions, or let us know you’re going on Facebook.

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