Murder Mystery Night: A Stiff Drink

Date: 9th June

Time: 18:00-21:00 pm

Room: 312.222

The ageing oncologist Dr. Stanford gathered eight people – friends, family, and staff – to his mansion home. The invite spoke of a “secret” he would reveal at dinner. 6 pm sharp. Just like Stanford to be mysterious…


The old coot never got a chance to utter the shocking announcement. He collapsed onto the dining room table mid-sentence. Made an awful *THUD*. And that was only one of three sounds heard in quick succession.

So, which of Stanford’s guests murdered him? And how did they pull it off? It’s up to YOU to find out!

There are eight guests, eight suspects, and one murderer.

Come along to the Curtin Writers Club semester wind up and put your problem solving, team work skills to the test. Play as one of the suspects and throughout the evening try to solve the case of who murdered Dr. Stanford.

There will be five players per character and the table who figures it out will get a prize and the club will supply food for all.

However, book your tickets quickly as there are only 40 places and those are sure to go soon. It will be held in the Paul Dunn Seminar room in the Geology building. This event is free for Curtin Writers Club members.

Warning: One of the plot points of this mystery is cancer – two of our characters are oncologists after all! Though done in a tasteful and contextual way, if this topic is triggering or uncomfortable for you please consider this before getting your tickets.

If you get tickets for five people together all in one booking go we’ll make sure you have a table together.

Thank you to Jarod Rhine-Davis who wrote this and offered up his hard work for the Curtin Writers Club to put on for you all. Since he and his creative team were not paid to work on and write this, if you would like to donate to the creative team there will be a box floating around the event to do so.

Make sure to get your tickets at Eventbrite here:

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