Coze Journal: Submission Deadline Extended

You now have until July 14 to get your writing mojo on!

As you may have already seen on our Facebook page, we have decided to extend the submissions deadline for Coze Journal.

The new deadline is the 14th of July, 11:59 pm.

We’re not sure how we haven’t learnt this by now (let’s be real, we probably never will), but the end of semester is a crazy busy time.

 comic adult swim calm this is fine resigned GIF

We had originally set May 31st as the deadline, because we wanted to get Coze printed by the start of semester two, but we realised that we were going to be missing out on some of your great work! We’re hoping that you pulled out some masterpieces for your final assessments, and we’d like to give you the opportunity to submit those to Coze (once they’ve been marked and returned).

We’d also like to thank those who already submitted their work. We really hope that we didn’t cause any extra stress for you!

Hopefully this will be an excellent opportunity for you to keep flexing your writing muscles during the uni break, in between binge-watching Netflix, partying, and sleeping.

We are super keen to read all of your wonderful work!

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