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The Curtin Writers Club committee has worked countless hours to bring you the best version of our club.

andrew.pngAndrew Allsopp – President
Hi, I’m Andrew – the not-so-genius madman behind the club. From cycle-tourist to family man, and lab technician to shutdown fitter, I’ve experienced several transformations throughout my life. My current mutation is in the form of an International Relations student, with a Professional Writing minor, working towards my dream job in foreign policy and security. Having travelled to over 60 countries, I have a strong interest in history and culture, which is reflected in the way I think and write. If you have any questions about the club or just want to say hello, contact me and I’ll help you out.

maxMax Vos – Vice President
I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember – staying up until the dawn scribbling away when I was very young. I’m now studying a Bachelor of Arts double major in Professional Writing & Publishing, and Cultural & Literary studies. I fell in love with editing, and I’m one now of the editors for CWC. I have been published in the Curtin/Aberdeen University Edge-To-Edge Anthology, a book I also had the privilege to assist editing. Someday I want to write and illustrate my own graphic novel, something full of fantasy and romance.

Max’s Writing

pennyPenny Walker – Treasurer
Originally from England, I have travelled and lived all over the world. Living far from family and ‘home’ and experiencing different cultures has influenced my writing. Separation and dislocation are themes that seem to crop up when I start a new story. For the last 15 years, Perth in Western Australia has been home. I have written constantly as a hobby while my sons were growing up, but now I have the time to make the dream of becoming a novelist a reality. Studying creative writing at Curtin seemed to be a good way forward. I am currently preparing my first novel, ‘Remission’ for self -publishing.

Penny’s Writing

charleyCharley Thomas – Secretary
I’m in my fifth year at university, having finished a Creative Writing degree at Curtin and subsequently doing a Masters of Media and Communication, studying writing within the Creative Practice major. If you haven’t gathered, I love university. And writing. And editing. Occasionally there’s some sleep in there, too. My life is filled with clubs and projects, and I like to think I hold the record for the highest number of abandoned blogs. It’s twenty-six if you were wondering. And no, I’m not even joking.

Charley’s Writing

armelleArmelle Davies – Chief Editor
Now in my seventh (yes, seventh) year of uni, I’m finally in my last year of my Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Professional Writing and Publishing, after a long, ultimately doomed foray into International Relations. I really should have known that I would end up here, since I have always loved words and writing. I wrote and illustrated my first book, ‘The Swamp Monster’, aged 6; sadly, it was not picked up by publishers. I am hoping to start a career in fiction editing after uni, but I’ll keep writing too. My first published poem will appear in the upcoming Edge-to-Edge Anthology.

16237806_1311114618927201_361874393_nSiana Wardell – Marketing
My name is Siana Wardell and I’m the marketing director of the Curtin Writers Club. I am in my third year out of a four-year double degree, majoring in Marketing and Creative Writing. The cynicism of my marketing knowledge often makes it into my creative writing pursuits in the form of satire. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, reading, and watching cartoons no one else usually bothers to re-watch past the age of six. If you want to get my attention the best way to do it is to make a reference to the 1986 movie Labyrinth.

kathleenKathleen Knight – Workshop Coordinator
I had a whole career in business before I realised that I absolutely love writing and storytelling. This is the third year of my Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) degree doing the double major of Professional Writing and Publishing, and Creative Writing. These streams allow me to tap into my skills, knowledge, and experience and to let my imagination run wild. Being involved with the club’s writing workshops and feedback circles also feeds my need to share knowledge. I’ve had short stories published and will soon have a poem published in the Curtin/Aberdeen University Edge-To-Edge Anthology.


CWC at the first club picnic (held indoors due to rainy weather).

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