Would you like to be able to describe yourself as a published writer? We can help you with that!

Curtin Writers Club puts out several publications. Our main publication is our website, where we post regularly! We take submissions in any form of writing, including short stories, articles, blog entries, reviews, poetry, essays, and other creative works. These can include past assignments, as long as they are related to creative or professional writing, and have been marked and returned. And remember, the comments section is an excellent place for you to get feedback from other club members!

Please check the submission guidelines below before submitting your work.

Please note: While we aim to publish a range of writing styles, and encourage submissions from a diverse range of voices, we do expect a certain standard of work. The CWC editorial team reserves the right to make decisions on what we publish, but we will strive to send you feedback within 4–6 weeks. The aim of the club is to help Curtin students with their writing, and we believe that by only publishing work that is of a high standard, we will be giving you examples of a standard of student writing that you can aspire to, and by giving you constructive feedback, we will give you something concrete to work with that you might not always get from your classes. That said, please do not submit work just to get feedback – you can get some great feedback in person from our weekly workshops.

Submission Format

Please submit all work as a word document in 12pt Arial font, with 1.5 line spacing, double-returns (e.g. one line space between paragraphs), and no double spaces after full stops. For further optional formatting guidelines, please see the Curtin University Style Guide.

Word Count Guidelines

  • Articles:
    • Short Articles (e.g. reviews): 500 words
    • Feature Articles: 500–1,500 words
    • For feature articles longer than 1,500 words, please send us an informal pitch before submitting
  • Blog Entries:
    • 200–500 for an existing blog
    • If you have an idea for an ongoing blog (max. 7 entries), send us an informal pitch!
  • Essays: 2,500 words maximum
  • Short stories: 2,500 words maximum
  • Poems: 50 lines maximum


All submitted work remains your intellectual property, and you are free to submit it to other publications. Just keep in mind that some other publications will not accept work that has already been published elsewhere.

It’s a good idea to look at Creative Commons, which is a non-profit designed for artists to obtain free licences to share, reuse, and remix their work, legally. Not only is it a good idea to protect your work, it will enable you to claim attribution wherever your work is published. This is important to keep in mind once you reach the public sphere of publishing (as with self-publishing).


By submitting your work, you confirm that you understand and accept our Terms and Conditions.


For submissions:

Email to:
Subject: [Surname, First Name], [Publication]* Submission “[Title of Submission]”

*[Publication] is replaced with your intended publication for the piece; our blog, website, competitions or zine. If you would like to publish under a pseudonym or anonymously, just let us know!

In your email, please clarify whether your piece is fiction or non-fiction, and specify which categories on the website you think would be relevant to your work.

We can’t wait to read what you’ve written!