Terms and Conditions

Curtin Writers Club will only accept pieces from Curtin University students. Please submit your work using your Curtin student email. Please note that submission does not guarantee publication – pieces will be selected by our editors based on suitability and publishing requirements. Please remember to check your email regularly, as we will contact you to confirm receipt of your submission, and to query your work.

For a work to be eligible for publication, it must:

  1. Be produced by a Curtin University student;
  2. Be original and the submitter’s own work. All of our contributors are required to understand that we abide by Curtin University’s guidelines for Academic Integrity;
  3. Include any references used as hyperlinks, or an informal list at the end of your document;
  4. (If it is a previous assessment)* marked and returned to the author/submitter,
  5. Be submitted before the given due date if it is intended for a publication or competition. General website submissions can can be submitted at any time.
  6.  Reflect Curtin University’s values and signature behaviours. We will not publish pieces which the editors/executive committee find to be disrespectful.

* If a work has previously been submitted for assessment at Curtin University, it must be marked and returned to you before it will be eligible for submission to any CWC publication. This is due to TurnItIn’s plagiarism check – if a piece has been published online before it is submitted for assessment it is likely to be marked as plagiarised material and this will affect grading.

If your piece is selected for publishing you will be contacted by an editor to finalise your submission. Upon reception of your work an editor will structurally edit the work for readability, and if there are any inconsistencies between it and the style guide provided. Any formatting that you have applied to your piece may not be transferred to the final publication due to web formatting demands, so please let us know if there is any formatting that is vital to the meaning of your work.

Submission of any work is automatic and immediate acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions.